SA Bushfire Recovery

How you can help

The Bushfires affecting Kangaroo Island, the Adelaide Hills and other parts of South Australia have had major impacts on people, properties and livelihoods, as well as burning extensive areas of bushland and habitat. Trees For Life is committed to supporting communities and ecosystems recover over the coming weeks, months and years.

Experience with previous bushfires has shown that recovery takes time and ongoing support. Landholders need the chance to work through the enormity of the impact, deal with immediate priorities and work out what needs to be done for the long-term recovery of their properties. Similarly, it takes time to assess the needs of the bushland and wildlife.

There are actions you can take now and in the coming months to participate in Bushfire Recovery in partnership with Trees For Life.



Making a financial donation to Trees For Life will assist us to grow seedlings in our Nursery to giveaway to affected landholders. Click here to donate today.

Growing and donating seedlings

By purchasing a Start from Seed Kit, you can grow seedlings in your own backyard which can be returned to Trees For Life in April 2020 for inclusion in our seedling giveaway. A kit costs $60 and includes everything you need to grow 50 seedlings.


Volunteer at a Bushcare Workshop or Bush Action Team to build your skills to participate in bushfire recovery events later in the year.

Longer term

Become a Tree Scheme volunteer grower for the 2020/21 growing season

Putting your name down now means we can contact you in July 2020 and register you to grow for a landholder wanting seedlings. Read more about becoming a volunteer grower here.

Bushcare in the fire-affected sites

This won’t be required until at least Spring 2020 when the bush has had a chance to regenerate and weeds have germinated. Bushfire encourages mass germination of weeds and we need volunteers to help the native plants get the upper hand.

Planting activities

Affected landholders and reserve managers may need extra support to plant seedlings. We will run planting events in Winter 2020.

Please contact our office on 8406 0500 or to find out more.

If you are a landholder in the fire-affected areas, and you would like to register your interest in the seedling giveaway please contact us.

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