Home Bushfire Preparedness Program

This program is designed to offer assistance to residents in the community that are unable to prepare their own homes, such as the elderly, injured or experiencing financial hardship.

We offer:

  • Gutter – cleaning and clearing
  • Tree and shrub – trimming or removal
  • Grass and vegetation management
  • Fire break construction and management
  • Creating vehicle access points
  • Inspection of firefighting equipment
  • Reducing any other risks or hazards associated with bushfires

Home Bushfire Recovery Program

This program is designed to offer assistance to victims of bushfires in the community by:

We offer:

  • Property and site clearing
  • Assistance with salvaging personal items
  • General property maintenance and repairs
  • Demolition or removal of unsafe structures
  • Regaining and tidying property access areas (like roads, tracks or driveways)
  • Re-vegetation

Aug 30, 2018
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