Please support our emergency bushfire appeal for koalas.

Help us to save a nationally significant koala population.
We rescued 12 koalas ahead of bushfires in the Blue Mountains, read more here. We urgently need funds for their care, and then to release them to a safe place and monitor how they cope when they are back in the wild.

Four of our five koala study populations have been burnt. We’re losing hundreds, maybe thousands of koalas. 80% of the World Heritage Area has been burnt. As we get access to the fire grounds we are organising search and rescue for koalas to take them into care.

The biggest threat to koalas and other surviving wildlife is now dehydration and starvation, from the ongoing drought and the vast amounts of habitat lost to fire. We are working collaboratively to deploy water stations and food drops for threatened species. A brief period of rain has not eased the threat, the ground is baked so dry these rains are running off and washing ash and contaminants into waterways. The drought has not broken. Freshwater is still needed.

Then we will undertake surveys to find out what is left of our koalas and other wildlife, so we can plan how to conserve them. We expect more intense and frequent fires under climate change, so we will be working with land managers to help ensure koalas have a future.

To learn more about these unique and special koalas that occupy the vast Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area check out our Project Page

To make a donation, the link below will take you to our secure payment systems. We have an urgent crowdfund appeal running for our water station and food drop project. All donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian Residents.

On behalf of our koalas, we say thank you! To receive regular email news updates and opportunities to participate in our projects, subscribe here

Visit this page to support our Water station and Food drop Project and/or this page to give now to our Koala Conservation Project.

About the Organisation

Science for Wildlife is a not-for-profit wildlife conservation organisation based out of Sydney, Australia.

We work to make sure that the best available science and technology is applied on the ground where it counts, to conserve wildlife. We were established to meet a well-recognised need – to bridge the gap between research and wildlife conservation. Far too often the best science gets published in a journal paper but it stops there and is never applied to real-life wildlife management problems. Critical knowledge is therefore not available for use where it is needed most.

To bridge the implementation gap we work together with researchers and university staff and students, land managers, community groups and volunteers, making sure that experience and know-how are shared and wildlife conservation is as effective as it can possibly be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and share scientific knowledge to empower wildlife conservation.

Our Promise

To contribute to effective wildlife conservation by developing innovative solutions based on science, and through genuine collaboration and community involvement.

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