Help children feel safe and recover
from living through a bushfire

Your donation will give more kids the support they need in our Child Friendly Spaces, where they can process their experiences in a safe, supported environment.

We know that children are most vulnerable during times of disaster. The bushfires that have raged across parts of Australia spreading terror before them and leaving devastation behind, have created a crisis on an unprecedented scale.
The traumatic effect on the children caught up in these cannot be underestimated.
With your support, Save the Children is setting up Child Friendly Spaces in bushfire-affected regions to help children cope by giving them a place to be kids again. Supported by our dedicated staff trained in helping children in crisis, the kids can draw, play and socialise. Most importantly, they can begin to process their experiences in a safe and supported environment.
Child Friendly Spaces also give parents the ability to continue with critical tasks of accessing support, recovering possessions and beginning the journey of recovery, knowing that their children are safe.
Once the fires have passed, your donation will help Save the Children continue to work with affected children in the months that follow, helping to reduce their distress and assisting their communities to recover from what they have experienced.

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