KOALAS IN CARE INC is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity run by volunteers and has no paid employees. Licensed by the Office of Environment & Heritage, our operational area covers approximately 843 000 hectares across three Local Government Areas – Greater Taree, Gloucester and over half of Great Lakes. This vast area contains a wide spectrum of climates, soil types, vegetation communities and ‘people problems’ which affect the koalas living within the area.

KOALAS IN CARE INC is independently operated and is based in Taree, New South Wales, Australia. Although KOALAS IN CARE INC was only established in July 2005, our founding members, Paul and Christeen McLeod, have been working with koalas in this area since 1993. Our volunteers are committed to the welfare and preservation of our wild koala population and their habitat. We operate a 24hr koala rescue service for sick/injured/orphaned koalas and work 365 days per year. Our Facility is not open to the public.

Our organisation receives no recurrent Government funding and relies on the kind generosity of the public for donations/bequests and support. This along with our own fundraising enables us to care for and rehabilitate the koalas that are admitted for treatment thus ensuring that the koalas have the best chance of recovery so that we can return as many as possible back to the wild.

KOALAS IN CARE INC. - Aims & Objectives:

  1. To rescue/care/administer appropriate medical treatment to injured/diseased wild koalas admitted into the Association’s care.
  2. To release rehabilitated koalas back to their home range/territory as soon as practical.
  3. To endeavour to enhance available koala habitat through planting of endemic koala food tree species whenever appropriate.
  4. To conduct the Association’s activities in a professional manner within the Guidelines of the Licence as issued by the Office of Environment & Heritage.
  5. To record & maintain information relating to koala care, treatments, habitat, etc.
  6. To provide educational information by verbal or written means to increase public understanding of koala issues.
  7. To encourage the general public/environmental groups to plant endemic koala food trees, and advise on appropriate species.
  8. To work with local Councils, Office of Environment & Heritage, Government and private landowners to protect the wild koala population and its habitat.

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