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It's My Shout is an online platform created in to give voice to small businesses that has been affected by the Victoria's Bushfires.

More than 118 small businesses have been inundated with financial support in recent days through their participation in the It’s My Shout e-commerce platform.

Set up earlier this week by Shop My Town founder Melody Jarvis and East Gippsland business owner Tenille Bull, the platform is providing Australians across the country with a way to purchase virtual goods and services from small businesses in affected areas.

Despite being live for just a few days, thousands of Aussies have already flocked to the initiative to purchase everything from accommodation to coffee and other goods.

Purchases through the platform are intended as donations, so that businesses can pass on services to others directly effected by the fires. For example, by purchasing a coffee to be handed out to a member of the community, or by paying for a room, which can be used to house a family.

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