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For 10 years Into Our Hands Community Foundation has been working across North East Victoria to provide relief and recovery funds and support following the devastation of Black Saturday in 2009. The Foundation was set up specifically to aid recovery from Bushfire and has local grant processes in place with partner organisations to support community recovery over the long term. Since 2012 we have coordinated activities and funded projects to the value of over $970,000 that have supported local CFA brigades with equipment and firefighting needs, we have also supported community groups and facilities to rebuild and have funded projects that bring tourism and visitors back to the region in places such as Harrietville, Myrtleford and Beechworth.

Following the events over New Years Eve and early January 2020 in the Alpine, Corryong, King Valley and Wangaratta  areas of our region in North East Victoria we are setting up a specific appeal fund for ongoing Bushfire Relief for our communities. We believe it is vital that local communitites have the means to support local bushfire response and recovery needs now and into the future. In only May of 2019 we wrote a letter to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund saying just that!
This time, we hope that this process can be quicker given the Foundation already exists and has such as great track record in our work. We also hope to attract donations from across our own region while we work with local authorities to understand how donations and funding can be used to best aid those affected.
Please support the local bushfire foundations that already exist to do this work.
We exists for North East Victoria and a list of the other community foundations like us in other fire affected regions across Australia is below. Know that donations to these organisations is local and will contribute to local grants that can reach affected people, communities and organisation quickly and delay.


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Port Macquarie Koala Hospital
NSW Rural Fire Service

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