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Our Global Disaster Response team has deployed to the bushfire emergency in Australia. The situation on the ground is dire. Local wildlife populations are being decimated. But miraculously, there are survivors and they desperately need our help.

  • A gift of $25 could supply lifesaving food for a koala recovering from a bushfire
  • A gift of $50 could purchase a feeding station for kangaroos and wallabies, or a nest box for surviving wildlife like gliders and possums
  • A gift of $100 could purchase veterinary supplies like burn cream, fluids, and supplements
  • A gift of $500 could cover the cost of deploying Bear, the koala sniffer dog, and his handler for a day’s search efforts

For the last three months, our Australian team members have been working with local partners to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife impacted by the bushfires. Thanks to partners and donors like you we've already been able to provide desperately needed help such as:

  • Off-Road search-and-rescue emergency vehicles
  • Deployment of Bear the koala detection dog
  • Emergency support for wildlife rehab facilities
  • and much more

How you can help: Please consider making a critical emergency donation to help all animals in need.

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