How it Works

GIVIT Listed Ltd connects those who have with those who need, in a safe and private way. Through the GIVIT website, trusted Australian charities are able to request exactly what is needed by their clients.

When a need is matched to a donation, the GIVIT portal sends an email to exchange contact details between the donor and the charity. Then, the charity and donor agree between themselves on a delivery option. Once the charity receives the item, it is privately passed onto the recipient. The donor and recipient never meet as, above all, GIVIT Listed Ltd aims to preserve the dignity and privacy of people accessing support.


  • All donations must be pledged online
  • First view our items needed and search by postcode to see what is currently needed in your local community (the list is regularly updated)
  • If you have an item to give that's not currently requested, pledge your offer into our virtual warehouse for registered charities to see and reserve
  • Sign up to our newsletter to receive a weekly list of items needed in your community
  • Please remember to donate quality items only
  • Please check our list of prohibited items to ensure your offers fall within our guidelines
  • For more information, see our tips for donating


  • You must first register to use the GIVIT service
  • Once registered, check the virtual warehouse in your charity portal where donation offers are listed for you to see and reserve if needed by your service or client/s
  • If what you need is not listed, submit a request for essential items your client or service requires - this request will be reviewed by our team and listed on our list of items needed
  • Please check our prohibited items to ensure your requests fall within our guidelines


  • When a donation match is made, your nominated donor and charity contact details are exchanged via email so you can communicate together to arrange logistics
  • The GIVIT team cannot help with transport or trucks
  • The GIVIT team cannot store or warehouse public donations
  • The GIVIT team cannot pick up your items

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