Need a place to stay for you or your animals? Have a spare bed?

Find A Bed Australia is a community of volunteers connecting people in need to those willing to help. We came together during the height of the bushfire crisis to be a safe and accessible point of contact for those in need of emergency accommodation.

Our group gathers requests for accommodation and matches them with the most suitable free temporary or long term accommodation, based on location, accessibility, animals and other relevant factors.

In times of crisis, Australians come together to help each other out - we open our doors and our homes to each other. We help in whatever way we can, and we can see that. So far, over 6,500 people have volunteered a place to stay for people and animals affected by the fires.

How it works:

If you need a place to stay: let us know where you are, and what kind of accomodation you need, and we'll look through the available offers and connect you with the closest match.

If you have a spare bed or room for animals: let us know and if someone who needs a place to stay that matches what you can offer registers, we'll put you in touch with them. Unfortunately, due to the urgency of getting people into accommodation, we can't screen people. We will connect you via phone and recommend you have a chat before making a decision about offering or accepting accomodation.

We won't ever share your information with anyone else, and once the crisis it over, we will delete it.

If you have previously offered a place, but can no longer do so, please email and we'll make the amendment manually.

If you have any other questions, please email


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