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Australian Red Cross are working tirelessly to provide disaster relief and recovery funds to people affected by the bushfires. Just like Lifeblood, the Australian Red Cross is powered by you, the generous donors who continue to provide the much-needed funds, time, and donations that will make a difference to our fellow Australians affected by the fires.

More detail on the vital work they are doing to help people in the bushfire affected areas can be found at

As we continue to do what we can to support the nation, we are thankful at this stage for the minimal impact on our blood donor centres. All donor centres remain operating to their normal hours, and we'll keep you updated if this changes. We continue to need 29,000 blood donations each week. If you can, book an appointment here Red Cross's blood donation service, Lifeblood, says they're going to need more donations - especially as the bushfire crisis worsens. You can find out where to give blood, and if you're eligible to donate, here.


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