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ADELAIDE KOALA RESCUE LIMITED recently launched and has been successfully operating the largest-scale rescue of koalas from the Adelaide Hills bushfire zone. Since December 20th, 2019 we've responded to hundreds of calls to rescue koalas and other species which have been impacted by these devastating bushfires.
AKR has rescued and treated more than 200 koalas in two weeks and has housed up to 120 koalas at any one time. Sadly many koalas and other wildlife have required euthanasia on animal welfare grounds however, we've saved so many more. We've recruited a team of more than 80 veterinarians and vet nurses and in total over 150 volunteers. We've received praise and support for our efforts from a range of government agencies and non-government organisations. In addition to bushfire victims, we've continued to rescue and treat the usual influx of road trauma, dog attack, heat stress and other victims. We've started the new year by successfully releasing over 30 koalas that have been in our care.
The cost of rehabilitating SA's koalas is shared by us and our veterinary partners. Generally their time is not charged and medications are at cost. Despite this support, we usually still have veterinary bills of around $1000 per month. During the bushfire crisis, this has escalated to more than $4000 per week.

Your donations will be used by Adelaide Koala Rescue Ltd to help pay for:

- Veterinary bills including medication
- Formula and nutritional supplements for handraised joeys and koalas in rehab
- Essential equipment such as transport carriers and rescue poles
- Essential veterinary supplies including bandages and other burns dressings
- Essential veterinary equipment including items for laboratory testing

About the Organisation

Adelaide Koala Rescue Ltd operates a free 24/7 koala rescue service in South Australia. We are a professionally-run organisation based in Adelaide and predominantly cover the Adelaide Hills and all metro areas. Our koala rescue and rehabilitation team is highly experienced and includes veterinary and animal science professionals, ecologists, research scientists, natural resource managers, veterinary students and conservationists. Additionally we are proud to have other professional individuals in our Crew who beyond rescues contribute their legal, finance, marketing, business and other expertise. We are rapidly growing and proud to have attracted many new recruits since our inception in 2018.

More than just koala rescue and rehab, AKR was established due to a dire need for effective advocacy for, education about and research to help save SA’s koalas. We are passionate about the plight of koalas and the state of their habitat. We work closely with our veterinary, research and conservation partners in an effort to improve welfare outcomes for South Australia’s koalas now and into the future.

Our AKR Koala Rescue Crew Comprises 80+ volunteers skilled and experienced in koala capture and field assessment. Training is provided for new recruits as is support to help rescuers deal with the sad side of our work.

Koalas undergoing rehabilitation are cared for by team members accredited with government-issued permits from the South Australian Department for Environment and Water.

AKR values wild animals and wild places. Through public education we aim to improve respect for koalas and wildlife as wild beings. We are proud to have developed new and exciting partnerships with like-minded individuals, organisations and institutions.

AKR is developing a new model for koala rescue and rehabilitation in SA incorporating education and research. We are developing a range of rehabilitation facilities in SA that support our research aims.

Adelaide Koala Rescue Limited is a not-for-profit organisation and registered Australian charity that receives no government funding. Due to the volume of koalas we manage daily, we have little time for fundraising. Our veterinary partners provide reduced-cost services. AKR bears the burden for the gap in vet bills as well as medication, rescue equipment, rehabilitation facilities, formula and nutritional supplements, other veterinary supplies, etc.

We are excited to already have terrific sponsors on board and would love to hear from any other organisations keen to support us in saving SA’s koalas.

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