We have already seen how devastating of an impact the fire is having on not just the community but also to the diverse wildlife of Australia, but what shocked us even further about the fire was how quickly the smoke was spreading, not just in the vicinity of the crisis but also to the areas that are thousands of miles away.

We felt the photos shared earlier of the New Zealand glaciers turning yellow as a result of the haze provided powerful perspective to people who weren't there in Australia to see the fire firsthand. To add to this, scientists at NASA have also recently warned that the smoke from the Australia fires is expected to make at least one full circuit around the world.

Based on this, we wanted to play a part in helping raise awareness on the severity of the Australia fire by re-creating the effects of the smoke haze in different parts of the world. In this project, we picked eight popular global locations known for having a scenic view. For each of these photos, we did a bit of Photoshop and added the yellow haze effect so one could easily compare the visual difference between a clear day and a day clouded by the bushfire smoke.

Some examples include the view of the Empire state building in New York, the harbour of Hong Kong, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We hope these edited photos will spur more action from people in other parts of the world, either through the form of donations or through further awareness-building.

Check the website for more details: https://www.organiclesson.com/australia-fires/

January 15, 2020
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